Finola Scott

Finola Scott writes in Scots and English. In 2018 she won the Uist poetry Competition, was a winner of the Blue Nib Chapbook competition, the winner of the Dundee Law Competition and runner up in Coast to Coast's pamphlet competition. Her poetry is widely published, appearing in The Ofi Press, Ink Sweat & Tears, Gutter and Firth ,as well as many other magazines and anthologies. Red Squirrel Press will publish a pamphlet of her poems in the autumn 2019.


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Red-throated Fledglings

'The younger the bird, the farther south they go.' John Audubon's Birds

Damsel-flies dimple the brackish lochan
nestled deep in the machair.
Caw-car-cac-caruh ripples the air, pulls
the heart. Plaintive warnings to youngsters

These slim frolickers learn quickly,
are ignorant of parents' swooping courtships,
of low love-notes, curved necks or crimson flashes.
All they hear is the vigilance that haunts their days.
Watch Out           Be safe                 Don't       .

They welcome winter's shiver, stealthy dusks
that set them loose to fly star-mapping.
Sensing time's tang, they flex-lift out and off
down past mountain, clachan, loch and strath
South       South

Till those north needs tug them
echo echo


Finola Scott

First published in Am Paipear