Marjorie Lotfi Gill

Marjorie Lotfi Gill's poems have won competitions, been published in journals and anthologies in the UK and US (including The Rialto, Gutter, Ambit and Rattle) and the Scotsman and been performed on BBC Radio 4. She was poet in residence at Jupiter Artland and writer in residence for Spring Fling and the Wigtown Book Festival. Marjorie also founded the Belonging Project, considering the experiences of refugees with over 1,500 participants, and was recently commissioned by Enterprise Music Scotland to write Pilgrim, a sequence about migration between Iran and the US.

Photo: Heshani Sothiraj Eddleston


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my Muslim grandmother’s words when giving a crucifix to my Methodist mother in Tehran

It doesn’t matter that she’s blonde,
doesn’t know a single word of Farsi,
or how to taarof, always refuse first,
before accepting a gift.
what you believe is your own trouble;
not one of us understands all the words
of our mother tongue. Look at the eye,
my father told me, watch it speak.
as long as you are here, I will be shelter.
believe in something: your hands pressed
together, palm to palm, are my body folded
into the namaz; each of us maps ourselves
in the mirror, measures what we already know.


Marjorie Lotfi Gill

First published by Wigtown Book Festival