Christie Williamson

Christie Williamson lives in Glasgow where he runs Tell it Slant Books and is treasurer of the Scottish Writers' Centre. Arc o Möns, his debut pamphlet, won the 2010 Calum MacDonald Memorial Award. His latest collection, Doors tae Naewye, is published this year by Luath Press. He comes fae Yell.

Headshot of Christie Williamson, grinning into the camera

Photo: Hazel Frew


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Aa flap, nae fecht. Sae first
glance wid gie. But plenty
arroos haes dookit anunder dat
seeminly total sketch.

Syne da beak bobbed back up
abön da wattir, da sprayed
mist aff da dryin wings

sank intae underfit

even da herdist kaes wid windir
‘Sall I crack, faesd wi dis
unbidden sentinel?’

Nae mön
ivvir shon

sae fu as da cry

fleein fae da thrapple

tae da gluffed air shø’d circled

squarin up tae laund

locked een jumpin oot

o sockets, böts bielin fur grund

nivvir high eneoch ta jink free

o da deadly, tooirin boo primed
predominant afore de. Aa fecht. Nae flap.

All flap, no fight. So first/glance would give. But plenty/arrows have ducked beneath that/seemingly total sketch.//When the beak bobbed back up/above the water, the sprayed/mist off the drying wings/sank into underfoot//even the hardest case would wonder/‘Shall I crack, faced with this/uninvited sentinel?’/No moon/ ever shone/as full as the cry/flying from the throat/to the startled air she’d circled// squaring up to land/locked eyes jumping out/of sockets, boots boiling for ground/ never high enough to jink free/of the deadly, towering bow primed/predominant before you. All fight. No flap.

Christie Williamson

From Doors tae Naewye (Luath, 2020)