Hamish Whyte

Hamish Whyte, poet and editor, founded Mariscat Press in 1982 with journalist Kevin McCarra and since 1997 has run it on his own, publishing nearly 100 books and pamphlets by both established and new poets in affordable editions with close attention paid to presentation.

Hamish Whyte, sitting at desk


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35 years of Mariscat Press

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- What cat is that? - That is a mariscat.
- Cat it is not: it is but a mascot.
- Try it: set it down here at the wainscot.
- Ceci n'est pas une pipe. Don't give me scat!
A wainscot made of words is wondrous wise.
Its mice have holes no millimetres high.
Its chinks have cheese you cannot breed or buy.
Its cat stalks, purrs, sleeps under paper skies.
Look how the wainscot's in a catmint bed,
the walls have crumbled and the noon's on fire,
the cat is rolling drunk on catmint fumes,
the mice are dancing, their waistcoats are red
with brick-dust and that red will never tire
of warming all these absences of rooms.


Edwin Morgan 


From Sonnets from Scotland (Mariscat Press, 1984)