Geart Tigchelaar

Geart Tigchelaar (1987) is a Frisian poet, writer, and translator living in Ljouwert. For his work he has won the Tamminga Price for his poetry debut leech hert yn nij jek (“empty heart in new jacket”) in 2017 and the Obe Postma price for his translation of Erik of it lyts ynsekteboek (“Erik or the small book of insects”) in 2016. He is currently working on his second novel, and he is eager to start on a new poetry collection. Besides that, he is an editor of the literary journal Ensafh, a bike traveller, and drummer in the doommetal band Doomwâld.

Geart Tigchelaar is the Guest Blogger at StAnza 2018 and will be cycling around town and blogging about his exploration of St Andrews and StAnza, supported by our local bike shop, Spokes. In this role he is supporting the charity organization Cycling out of Poverty.

Photo: Pieter Postma


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near zwarte haan next to a ditch on hot Saturday afternoon in September

the land provides like the sea
not crates but wagons full
of potatoes in bright sunlight
rumbling along oudebildtdijk

the dike undulates here
in the heat we follow its path
from an anonymous clump of reeds
we feel like those few tubers
falling and rolling to freedom

a second’s inattention
a slackening hand
smashed to pulp on the ground


Geart Tigchelaar, tr. Michele Hutchison