Sheila Templeton

Sheila Templeton writes in Scots and English. She has won the McCash Scots Language Poetry Competition three times, and has won other poetry awards, including the Robert McLellan Competition, and is published in many magazines and anthologies. She was Makar of the Federation of Writers Scotland 2010 to 2011. Her latest collections are Owersettin (Tapsalteerie Press, 2016) and Gaitherin (Red Squirrel Press, 2016).


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Performances from an anthology celebrating football and memory

Sun 11 March | 15:40 - 16:40 | FREE | The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, Studio Theatre


Keepin Score

At seiventeen, I took tae fitba
lairned it up lik a fauvrit poem:
Martin – Caldwell – Hogg an Brownlee
Davidson – Glen – Ewan an Clunie
Baird – Wishart – Hather
an Davie Shaw – Manager!
The hale team. Aiberdeen. The Dons.
Battle-reddy fir the Cup Final:
Aberdeen F.C. v St Mirren F.C. 25th April 1959
Hampden Park Glasgow. Referee Jim Mowat.
Sae far, sae gweed. I wis eyven set tae watch the gemme
gin aa ma skaims gat connacht. I'll own richt fairly
that anither goal wis wechty oan ma ill-trickit myn.
Gordon Burnett, chik-banes lik a shairpened scythe
een lik a peatie burn, shooders wide as Brimond Hill
 – aready booked fir the fitba bus, miles an miles
an mair miles aa the wye fae Aiberdeen tae Glesga;
an at the verra least, I coonted 150 o thae miles
wad be nicht time, heevenly dairkness
masel and this bonnie chiel cuddled thegither.
Bit butter disna aye kirn the wye ye wint it.
Ma bonnie lad's prefairrance wis fir whisky
nae fir me. An his doul sunk tae byordnar depths
bi the feenal score. St Mirren 3 : Aiberdeen 1.
Bit I wis lichtsome. I hud ma ain score.
First gin n orange in a pub, afore I wis 18.
Glesga. Hampden Roar. Kittlet-up nae handy.
First taste o dauncin in the Majestic, Hope St.
Ur ye dauncin? The glitter-ba. The Glesga chiels!
An Gordon's best pal Ally, wi a grin wad melt
an ice-tangled morn, nae sae keen oan whisky
bit a glint i his een fir me aa the wye hame
150 miles an mair oan the bus back tae Aiberdeen.

Sheila Templeton

From Mind the Time (Football Memories Scotland, 2017)