Balázs Szőllőssy

Balázs Szőllőssy (1981) is a poet, editor and cultural organiser born in Budapest, Hungary. He is the member and was until recently board member of the Association of Young Writers in Hungary. His first book of poetry, Two Meanings of Freedom, was published in 2010, and his second, In Presso Viewpoint, is due early 2019. He is a member of several other NGOs and have been organizing a number of festivals, readings and cultural organizations in the past decade in the Hungarian cultural scene. He currently works as cultural attaché at the Hungarian Cultural Centre in Istanbul, Turkey.


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The Lions Go To Rome

They pack all their obsolete bedding,
bones of prey, ragged
cartridge cases, long tussocks,
smells of landscape from savannah to jungle,
tastes of shadow, digestion, lurking
and daylight, they put their cubs on their shoulders,
and reach your presence, Sublime Creator,

Piazza San Pietro isn’t even full with them,
even they come from India, and from all roads,
because all roads lead to you, they don’t even
roar, their manes are motionless,
overwhelmed they’d watch every little move of your Pope,
if there was anything to watch: only statues look back at them,
they spread, ordered in disciplined troops,

they stretch out, they listen idly
on the Navona, at the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum,
they rest for a few more days,
their cubs play around in the fountains,
they keep silent, they don’t touch your humans, while leaving,
somewhat in revenge, as some kind of farewell, they tear
the greyed shrouds of your Mediterranean dominion.


Balázs Szőllőss