Marilyn Ricci

Marilyn Ricci is a poet, playwright and editor. Her poetry has been published in a wide range of magazines including The Rialto, The Interpreter’s House, Magma and London Grip. Working with other poets, she has translated Somali poetry which appeared in Modern Poetry In Translation. Her pamphlet, Rebuilding a Number 39, was published by HappenStance Press in 2008 and her first full collection, Night Rider, was published by SoundsWrite Press in 2017. For many years she worked for the Open University and now lives in Leicestershire.

Marilyn Ricci


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Philip Marlowe Meets His Match

The dame’s swimming: powerful overarm
strokes, leaving barely a ripple on the blue
pool in the hard California sunshine.

She doesn’t look like a killer, but this is 1930s
Hollywood so every broad’s a suspect. Every
man, who’s a real man, distrusts what he sees,

and maybe this dame, slicing the water like a hot
knife through butter, is different. Maybe she’s
got what it takes to squeeze the juice out of a guy,

like Marty squeezes oranges over on Sunset.
Maybe she’s the real McCoy, ready
to squash a PI like a fly on the remains

of her banana split. Maybe it’s time he left
this scene before he makes a jackass of himself
to a woman with a powerful overarm stroke.


Marilyn Ricci

From Night Rider (SoundsWrite Press, 2017). First published in Orbis (November 2016)