Claudio Pozzani

Claudio Pozzani, from Genoa (Italy), is a poet, narrator and musician. His poems have been translated and published in more than ten countries. Claudio has been the director of the Genoa International Poetry Festival in Italy since 1995, the oldest poetry event in Italy. He has also created and organised several poetry events in Europe (France, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Austria) and Japan. Additionally, he is the director of the ‘Stanza della Poesia’ (the room of poetry) in Genoa, with over than 120 free events every year. Claudio is the co-founder of the European platform Versopolis for emerging European poets.

Photo: Dino Ignani


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Shadow march

Ropes are falling from the sky
and frozen chains dance round you
It’s a world of knots to be unravelled in the dark
between a bolt of phosphorus and one of cries
It’s a tangle of ropes that defy the scissors’ hands
A comb that gets caught in an unthinking mane

Shadow… shadow
Another blink of the eye and then it’s…

I look around myself and all I see is walls.
Even my mirror has become a wall.
On your breasts a skin of wall has grown
My heart, my senses reincarnated in walls
And prayers and curses keep on raining down
Evaporating as soon as they touch the sand.
And adverbs, adjectives and words without a sound
Slither away in a poisonous silence

Shadow… shadow
Another blink of the eye and then it’s…

Of the sun I see only its reflection
In iridescent puddles of rainwater
Of the moon I perceive its presence in the dark
In the faraway barking of chained dogs.
My peace is not the lack of war
My peace is the absence of the concept of war.

Shadow… shadow
Another blink of the eye and then it’s…


Claudio Pozzani, tr. Suzanne Branciforte