Josep Pedrals

Josep Pedrals is a Catalan poet who has put poetry on the stage since 1997. He has performed throughout Europe, Asia and America, and has been awarded in various contests of recitation, including the Osaka International Slam (2009). He works in poetry education for children and adults, giving lectures and courses on poetry, prosody and orality in schools, colleges and universities. He has developed poetry spaces on radio and television and has collaborated in art and culture sections of various publications (now on El País). Over the period 2010 to 2012, he published a sonnet in the Ara newspaper every day. From 2002 to 2015 he coordinated the HORINAL (Workshop of Recitations and New Literary Attitudes), directing small poetry festivals and poetry cycles around Catalonia. He has written several theatre plays, and leads the ironic pop group Els Nens Eutròfics. He was awarded the Lletra d’or prize in 2013 (for the best Catalan book) and has just won the Barcelona City Prize of Literature for his most recent book.

Photo: Sílvia Poch


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Art of the Troubadours

I always know I can – if I want – find,
gleaning through doings with a sieve:
I measure the ballistics beforehand
and then do exactly the opposite.

I can scour the sordid warmly,
tracking the emptiness of alone
through tunnels thick with phony dark
that turn up on the prettiest postcards.

I can gaze down the gaping precipice
loving the love of those who jumped.


Josep Pedrals, tr. Ronald Puppo

Original published in Els límits del Quim Porta (Labreu edicions, 2018)