Theresa Muñoz

Theresa Muñoz was born in Vancouver, Canada, and now lives in Edinburgh. She is currently a research associate at the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts. As an overseas research scholar at the University of Glasgow, she received a PhD in Scottish Literature. Her debut book of poems, Settle (Vagabond Voices, 2016), was shortlisted for the Melita Hume Poetry Prize. Her poetry has been awarded a British Columbia Arts Council Award, the Norman Rothstein Award for Poetry and a Crichton Foundation Award. She has had poetry broadcast on BBC Scotland and has been published widely in Canada and the United Kingdom, including in Be The First To Like This: New Scottish Poetry, Canadian Literature, Poetry Review and Best Scottish Poems.

Photo: Iain Clark


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This is what the violet at my window knows:
one gust equals one petal gone.

Tiny gap-toothed plant,
don’t bring yourself down.

Don’t think of what you’ve failed to become.
Think of the purple block

when you close your eyes,
darker than deer heart, lighter than wine.

Think of gushes of missed colour:
a berry’s brief life or pool of lilac silk

plum underside of stones
or the fresh-pressed bruise on your wrist.

If purple is a time, let it be the past
or what the past cannot bring back:

seconds of sky before a storm cracks
or your pulse, those sudden beats,
those purple repeats of the heart.

Theresa Muñoz

Originally published in Abridged (2017)