Roderick Manson

Since writing his first poem in November 2007, Roderick Manson has written over 3,000 poems, each a response to a moment or sequence thereof, always striving to reflect that moment rather than to impose his own ‘message’ upon it. This has led to extended sequences on the Highland rail lines of Scotland (inspiration had died a death by Wick!), on an art installation by Shilpa Gupta on 100 poets imprisoned, tortured or executed, and on assorted football grounds of Scotland and Wales (a work in slow progress). A strong affinity with the mountains of northwest Scotland drew him to Denis Mollison’s Portraits of the Edge exhibition and a sequence of 39 moments. He has been published in a number of journals and anthologies, and keeps meaning to get a collection together but finds writing new poems continually getting in the way.

Photo: Garry Manson