Robin MacKenzie

Robin MacKenzie was born and grew up in Central Scotland, studied languages in St Andrews, Erlangen and Cambridge and taught for fourteen years at the University of Swansea. He returned to St Andrews in 2004, where he completed an M.Litt. in Creative Writing and is currently Honorary Lecturer in the School of Modern Languages. He has had poems published in several magazines in the UK and abroad (including Obsessed with Pipework, Iota and The Pennsylvania Review) and in the anthology Stolen Weather, edited by Karsten Piper and Douglas Dunn.


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Harvesting the Fog

I heard it on the radio, 
how on the arid coast of Chile
villagers would put up nets
to trap the fog as it rolled in
from the ocean up the mountain slopes.

They’d find a shoal of water beads
glinting on the heavy mesh,
fusing, swelling, dripping down
into a trough of stone that feeds
a quiet cistern underground.


Robin MacKenzie