Liz Lochhead

Liz Lochhead is a poet, playwright and performer who was educated at Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a DA in Drawing and Painting in 1970. She is the author of half a dozen collections of poetry – the most recent, Fugitive Colours, published by Polygon/Birlinn in 2016 – and more than a score of plays for the theatre. From January 2011 until 2016, Liz served a five-year term as Makar, or national poet of Scotland. She was awarded the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry for 2015. Give or take a year here or there, her home since 1965 has been the city of Glasgow.

Photo: Alastair Cook


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(for Tom)

you must’ve
those three globes of gorgeous orange
dense and glowing in our winter kitchen
to put coloured-pencil and biro to the
reddest page left in your rainbow sketchbook
and make this drawing of
three persimmons in that Chinese bowl. 

the supermarket flagged them up as
this season’s sharon fruit
but we prefer persimmon (for
didn't it seem the rose of
their other name
would neither taste or sound as sweet,
would be a fruit of quite
another colour?)

such strange fruit...     we bit and ate,
before we did you drew them.
– oh you'd say so what?
(drawing, to you, is as everyday as apples)
but I know
they'd have come and gone like Christmas
if you'd not put them down
and made them worth more than the paper
they're inscribed on – see
those deft soft strokes of
aquamarine and white that
make our table-top lie flat, the fruits
plump out real and round and
perfectly persimmon-coloured
upon their lilac shadows in the bowl's deep –
still life
still life, sweetheart,
in what's already eaten and done with.

now, looking, I can taste again.

Liz Lochhead                   

From Fugitive Colours (Polygon, 2016)