Margaret Littlewood

Margaret Littlewood was born in China to missionary parents and interned there by the Japanese. After a stint in Oxford, she spent seven years working in publishing in London with the ‘glitterati’ (remember them?). This was followed by many years teaching music to the children of Midlothian. She is fascinated by beauty in words, paint or music – and is now free to indulge in this at will.


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Seeking a miracle

For Damien Hirst’s ‘Away from the Flock’

Perfection on four legs, your hair just done
groomed to the nines, effulgently alive
bustling away to pastures new
green greener than viridian,
what's driving you
sheep pickled in formaldehyde?

What can you tell us stranded on
this border between birth and death
like sound that dies before it's heard?
Ephemeral's too grand a word.
Pinned to the world like butterflies
struggling on life's meridian
what can we do to maximize
this moment shorter than a breath?

Seeking a miracle, that's me
surfing the net. Am I alone?
Find a prescription, that's the key
Amoxycillin, Dichlorphenamide, Prednisolone?
The answer's in there plain to see
but blink one second and it's gone.


Margaret Littlewood