Maja Lee Langvad

Maja Lee Langvad (b. 1980 in Seoul) is a writer, translator and editor who lives in Copenhagen. She is the author of several books including Find Holger Danske (Find Holger Dane) and HUN ER VRED—Et vidnesbyrd om transnational adoption (SHE IS ANGRY—A testimony of transnational adoption). Her books explore themes such as transnational adoption, national identity, racism, kinship and the act of writing. She has translated Fragebogen (Questionnaires) by the Swiss author Max Frisch into Danish and she is currently translating Baby Precious Always Shines by the American author Gertrude Stein and her partner Alice B. Toklas. She is the co-editor of the Nordic literary magazine Kritiker.

Photo: Isak Hoffmeyer