Iona Lee

Iona Lee is a writer, performer and artist originally from Edinburgh. Raised among actors and storytellers, she has always loved stories and the many ways they can be told. She is also fond of the conviviality pubs can afford and discovered as a seventeen-year-old that she could use performance poetry as a means of getting into pubs without her age being challenged. Now twenty one, the drinking and poetry have both continued. Iona won the title of Scottish Slam Champion in 2016, and has been published in a House of Three collection. An illustration student at the Glasgow School of Art, she often illustrates her own work. 

Iona Lee

Photo: Maddie Chalmers


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Love Me Not

Bones are the constant beat,
but breaking
entangled in roots they curl.

Spinning a slow spiral 
up my spine.

I am sprouting sorrel,
blooming just below my collarbone.

Remind me not to pick at petals,
"Does he love me?
Love me not?"

Love me,
love me not,
for my bones are the constant beat
and they will grow their own garden
not wait for someone to bring me flowers.

Iona Lee