Daisy Lafarge

Daisy Lafarge is a writer, artist and editor based in Glasgow. Her first poetry collection and a novel, Paul, are forthcoming with Granta, in 2020 and 2021 respectively. Daisy received an Eric Gregory Award in 2017 and a Betty Trask Award in 2019, and was runner up in the 2018 Edwin Morgan Poetry Award. Her pamphlets include understudies for air (Sad Press, 2017) and capriccio (SPAM, 2019). Daisy is currently working on a book about infection and affection at the University of Glasgow.

Photo: Sophie Davidson


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driftwood air

if a body collects meaning
the way driftwood girds
a beach with a periapt
of scum, then
that morning, we found some.
I preferred the thigh-
sized lengths of greening
torsion, thick and bunioned
with sea-tied knots.
they closed in my hand
like eyes. in the bay’s centre you
found a log and deliberated
how to get it back on the boat, without
us sinking. I could stay? but you shook
your head, as if you’d already
weighed us up, said A good haul today.
we pushed off, watched
the land shrink to pigment.
often, there is no driftwood
for months at a stretch. even at dawn,
you find the beach already gleaned
or reclaimed by the tide.
some dawns, you said,
can last for years

Daisy Lafarge

From understudies for air (Sad Press, 2017)