Sigrid Kingma

Sigrid Kingma is an experienced stage performer. She combines different arts, such as dance and music, with poetry. Returning themes in her poems are new mass media, gaming, science and nostalgia. Her poetry is connected to all kinds of matters that concern Friesland. Her first work was published in 2016, and is a bilingual Frisian/English collection entitled Reade triedleas/Red wireless. In 2017 she was awarded a nomination to be Poet of Friesland.

Photo: Jacob van Essen


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In the salty wind

In the harbour
I taste the steam from the pans
Bildtstar is the best
says our dad with a spoonful of salt

And what do I want to pass on
to a new generation?

Mother apes teach their young
that potatoes taste better
when you wash them in seawater

I imagine
washing radishes
carrots and strawberries
in a limescaled barrel
of rainwater

No sweet dreams now
surrounded by the overcooked
mealy smell of reality

My other hemisphere is fallow
put my head in brine
crop rotation the new-
fangled progress

But little white flowers
grow out of my ears


Sigrid Kingma, tr. David Colmer in the framework of the Poetic Potatoes project