William Hershaw

William Hershaw is a poet, musician, playwright and songwriter.  His latest books include his Scots translation of The Tempest and Postcairds Fae Woodwick Mill (2015), an Orcadian poetry collection. His Selected Poems In Scots is published in December 2016. He has also written two textbooks on the teaching of Scots language in secondary school. In 2005 he won the Callum MacDonald Memorial Award and in 2011 he was awarded the McCash Prize for Scots Poetry by Glasgow University/The Herald. In 2007 he collaborated with sculptor David Annand, writing the poem God The Miner which is inscribed on the statue The Prop, as part of the Lochgelly Regeneration Project. More recently he co-edited the literary magazine Fras.


Flying Heich »

A view from the air: linocuts in progress with work from William Hershaw and Fiona Morton

Thu 2 March - Sun 5 March | 11:00 - 17:00 | FREE | The Preservation Trust Museum, North Street, Upstairs gallery

Meet the Artist »

Meet William Hershaw, Fiona Morton and Hugh Bryden, the poet, artist and designer behind the Flying Heich exhibition

Sun 5 March | 12:15 - 13:15 | FREE | The Preservation Trust Museum, North Street


Moth Larva In The Muckle Tapestry

History I digest slawly:
Hou it sticks in ma thrapple!
I got masel taigelt amang the Stuarts,
Cuidnae follae the threid through Reformation,
Swallaed the Union haill
Till it unraivelled in thrums.
I bide in the past and hae
Collogued in monie a stitch up
In the deid o nicht in Parliament Haa.
I play ma fou pairt in Life’s rich pageant:
Eggs liggit in the past pupate,
Predestined tae unfankle Fate.


William Hershaw