Diana Hendry

Diana Hendry’s most recent collection is The Watching Stair (Worple Press). She has published six other collections including The Seed-Box Lantern: New & Selected Poems (Mariscat) and shared an anthology of poems on ageing, Second Wind, with Douglas Dunn and Vicki Feaver. Diana has authored more than forty books for children, of which Harvey Angell won a Whitbread award, while her young adult novel, The Seeing, was shortlisted for a Costa Book Award. Diana has worked as a writer in residence at Dumfries & Galloway Royal Infirmary and has been a Robert Louis Stevenson Fellow and a Royal Literary Fund Fellow attached to the University of Edinburgh. From 2015 to 2017 she was co-editor of New Writing Scotland.


Photo: Gerry Cambridge


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The Watching Stair

Is where I live –
I watch and listen there
For I am not a full-grown person yet.
Sometimes the stair
Is not the one that leads to bed
But is the stair inside my head.
Alert, I am intensely good at this
The watching and the listening work.
Though you might think I haven’t seen or heard
I am the brilliant spy of the grown-up world.
In years to come when you’ve forgotten,
I’ll remind you of what you did and said.
I have the detailed records in my head.


Diana Hendry

From The Watching Stair (Worple Press, 2018)