Katie Hale

Katie Hale was born in Cumbria. Her debut pamphlet, Breaking the Surface (Flipped Eye, 2017), was described by Jacob Polley as "full of the delighted surprise and sadness of being alive." Katie is a recipient of the Jane Martin Poetry Prize and the Ware Poetry Prize, and was shortlisted for the 2017 Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize. Her poetry has appeared in magazines such as Poetry Review, The North and Interpreter’s House. Katie also writes fiction, and is currently being mentored for her first novel by Penguin Random House on their inaugural Write Now scheme.

Photo: Supal Desai


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Go into the Woods

Sling your knapsack across your back,
or spotted handkerchief over your shoulder.
The trees are close and thick in there –
do not hack the branches, or knock
the sick leaves down. Do not take a torch
or breadcrumbs. Let nobody follow you.
You can tell your story when you emerge.

If you emerge, you will not want
to tell your story. So
you will learn the look on disappointed faces.
Or, to pacify, tell how you once
an owl, drift
in the mind of the trees, passing
wide as paper against the sky.

Katie Hale

From Breaking the Surface (Flipped Eye, 2017)