Andrew Greig

Andrew Greig is a Scottish writer living in Edinburgh and Orkney. He has written seven novels including In Another Light, That Summer and The Return of John Macnab. His non-fiction books, on a variety of subjects, include Summit Fever, on Himalayan mountaineering; You Know What You Could Be: Turning into the 1960s, with Mike Heron; Preferred Lies, on Scottish golf; and the much-loved At the Loch of the Green Corrie, a fishing quest in Assynt in memory of his friend and mentor Norman MacCaig. His prose titles are cherished by many for their emotional candour, humanity and enjoyment of storytelling and adventure. Yet the heart of his life’s work lies in nine volumes of poetry, including Found At Sea; Getting Higher: Complete Mountain Poems and This Life, This Life: New and Selected Poems. His collection The Order of the Day was a Poetry Book Society choice.


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Jimmy Shand
Stirling 1960

Yon was music making Scottish style,
a serious business and damn hard work.
The accordion bulged like a chest expander
across the hidden muscle of his heart.
His Polkas were gales trapped in a box.
Kilted to the gills, horn specs black as coal
from the mines he went down at fourteen,
Shand gave it laldy, staring straight ahead,
unsmiling, fingers blurred, only movement
his left heel tamping down the beat.                   
There's nothing free about expression.                                    
He learned that well from earliest days.
Whatever joy there was in it for him
laboured as his father had, deep down.

Andrew Greig

From Later that Day (Polygon, 2020)