Annabelle Fuller

Annabelle Fuller is a young poet from West Yorkshire. She has won various poetry prizes, has read at Ilkley Literature Festival and Oxford University Church and has had work displayed in the V&A and Sigmund Freud museums. She has enjoyed poetry from a young age; her current favourites are bucolic and metaphysical poets such as Wordsworth and Marvell, who have influenced much of her work. Other interests include classical rhetoric, Pre-Raphaelite art and opera. She has pieces published on the Poetry Society website and in New Poetry Magazine.


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fallen fruit

yet to be fruit;
swollen forms,
cell bundles in a vegetable womb.

an embryonic Eden,
all hothouse flowers yearning for their polytunnel heaven.

knocking back the rainwater,
greedily drawing in this transpiration via umbilical roots.

a hypochondriac cholera of mitochondria,
strands unravelling as a twist of fate pulls them away.

a cancer in the backbone of the climbing ivy.

one by one
the unmade droplets fall,
parachute vines relinquishing their cirrus infants.
untouched skin punctured by blades of dust,
bleached by peroxide suns.

the others reach their adolescence,
but not the broken flesh.
its virgin sweetness trampled underfoot.

untasted atoms:
fallen fruit.


Annabelle Fuller