Andy Fierens

Andy Fierens is a hyperenergetic Belgian poet and performer with more than 1,500 shows under his belt. He fires his sharp and witty words loud and relentlessly at audiences all over the world, from France to Canada, via Japan and South Africa. In 2009 he debuted with the collection Big Filthy Butterfly, which was awarded the Herman de Coninck debut prize. His latest collection of poetry was Wonderbras & Pepperspray (2014). Together with Michael Brijs he wrote the sci-fi novel Astronaut of Orange. Dutch newspaper De Groene Amsterdammer hailed him as “the only poet who has stayed true to his punk roots.” When he is not on the road on his own, he can also be found performing with his band Andy & The Androids or with his choir The Horny Bazookas. His work is sometimes described as social surrealism. Andy lives and works in Antwerp.

Photo: Charlie De Keersmacker