David Eyre

David Eyre was born in North Lanarkshire in 1972. He studied literature and Gaelic at Edinburgh University. His first novella Glainne was published in 2015 and his first novel Cailèideascop in 2017, both with support from the Gaelic Books Council. He also writes poems in English and Gaelic, and is currently working on his first collection Observation of Forms.

David Eyre is the StAnza 2018 poet in residence, supported by the Edwin Morgan Trust.

Photo: GL Portrait, Alamy Stock Photo


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Wed 7 March | 18:30 - 20:45 | FREE | The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, Auditorium



On clay red tiles
in the summer sun
stream along in black chain-links.

One turns to run
against the flow,
passing a chemical message,
about food, or danger,
or something else antish,
in a jointed antenna touch.

And above the insects,
in wind-swaying trees,
a pigeon call
is answered,

but the first bass-rumbles
and the second trills a tenor
and the rhythm of the echo
is wrong.

So look down at yourself,
at that big browning belly,
and that darkening mole near your hip

and touch that skin tag
at the side of your neck,
flaring out like a White Dwarf corona

and acknowledge them,
these outward signs

that your echo,
your message,
your chain,

is being


David Eyre