Ian Crockatt

Ian Crockatt is a widely published Scottish poet and poetry translator. He has published a dozen collections of original poetry and translations, and has won prizes and commendations in a number of international competitions. His most recent book, The Song Weigher: Collected Poems of Egill Skallagrímsson, tenth century Viking and Skald, appeared with Arc in 2017. His translation of Rainer Maria Rilke, Pure Contradiction, won the Society of Authors’ Schlegel-Tieck prize in 2013, while Crimsoning the Eagle’s Claw, The Viking Poems of Rognvaldr Kali Kolsson, Earl of Orkney was a Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation in 2014.




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He laments his wife’s illness, seeks comfort in shaping words.

I brood at her bedside
 –  I’ve brought lace, necklaces,
bone combs – who lies, eyes, limbs
lips feverish – wishing
back our glad hours hawking
low-isled water-meadows;
I shape grave words – heart-deep,
honed, brief – to imprison grief.

Akrs verðk opt fyr sjύkri
(ey) fitjar (Þó sitja
(góð er mér en mæra
menbrík) Njörun sika;
“heder fylgrat” hauðri
hauks (tínik svá) minu,
setrs leitandi s
slœgr á hverj
ύ dœgri.


Rǫgnvaldr Kali Kolsson, tr. Ian Crockatt

From Crimsoning the Eagle’s Claw: The Viking Poems of Rǫgnvaldr Kali Kolsson, Earl of Orkney (Arc, 2014)