Lyn Coffin

Lyn Coffin has published 34 books: poetry, fiction, drama, translation, as well as a children’s book. She has a novel due out in 2018 by Transcendent Zero Press. Lyn has published over 150 individual poems in many prestigious print and online magazines and won several grants and awards. Her fiction, Falling Off The Scaffold, was chosen by Joyce Carol Oates for Best American Short Stories. Her translation of Shota Rustaveli’s twelfth-century epic, The Knight in the Panther Skin, won a 2016 SABA prize. Lyn will be featured at the Soria International Poetry Festival this summer. Her plays have been performed internationally, and in several US cities. She was Seattle’s Wordsworth poet.

Lyn Coffin, reading out loud from a book

Michael Kleven