Michel Cassir

Born in Alexandria, Egypt, with Lebanese origins and a French nationality, Michel Cassir is a rare case of a multilingual poet and intellectual who is also an internationally known scientist in the field of chemistry. His extensive creative poetic work has explored a combination of French, Arab and Latin American cultures. His work is also marked by surrealist adventure. He has published more than twenty literary works (poetry and prose) and has translated two books of poetry from Spanish into French. Cassir’s work has also been published in anthologies and poetical reviews all over the world, and he received the French Jasmine of Silver literary award in 2008 for his overall poetic work. He has been the director of the poetry collection Levée d'ancre - Editions L'Harmattan since 2001, which has published 105 books.


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To Claudia

the poem is your double
in your eyelids
hypnosis of your Kingdom
that has untied the cry
from his vital space
you are the very substance
devouring your poem
and it is difficult
to distinguish your traits
they take the colours
of humanity failing
each time that internal
overflow takes over
you fade away the Earth
and create the invisible
vortex of skin
your painful neck
is the brand of deserts
which wear your dismay
what sweetness reversing
the song of the banks
which stars the fire of your lip
which salts your sleep
love of love without eye
no memory just flight
and house of air
your poem is also a breast
ploughing the abysms
an unrevealed marriage


Michel Cassir, tr. by the author and Saad Ghosn

Original published in Hors Temazcal (Ed. l’Harmattan, 2012)