Ron Butlin

With an international reputation as a prize-winning novelist, Ron Butlin is a former Edinburgh makar, or poet laureate. Before becoming a writer, he was a pop-song lyricist, a footman, a barnacle-scraper on the Thames and a male model. His novel, Ghost Moon, was nominated for the international IMPAC Dublin Literary Award 2016. The Scotsman has described him as ‘the best, the most productive Scottish poet of his generation’. Ron’s first poetry book for children, Here Come the Trolls was published by Polygon in 2015, and proved so popular as to prompt a follow-up, Troll Day!, which is forthcoming in 2017.

Photo: Regi Claire


Here Come the Trolls! »

Poetical fun for children with Ron Butlin

Sun 5 March | 12:00 - 13:00 | £3.50/£2.50 /£5.00 | The Town Hall, Queens Gardens, Supper Room


Troll Names

The best names are Troll names,
they snarl and they bite!
We make up our own –
and make them up right!

There’s Bog-Breath and Smasher,
Nosedrip and Trasher,
Gaptooth, Gasher
and Basher Boy Blue!

Sleep-tight and Snore-girl,
Hair-fright and Roar-girl
Flycatcher, Bumscratcher,
Spit-face and Goo!

Sneer-snarl, Slime-cart,
LipCurl, Fart-Fart!
The best names are troll names –
No others will do!


Ron Butlin

From Here Come the Trolls! (Polygon, 2015)