Alan Buckley

Alan Buckley was brought up on Merseyside, and now lives in Oxford. He has had two pamphlets published, Shiver (tall-lighthouse, 2009) and The Long Haul (HappenStance, 2016), and is currently working on his first full collection. In 2016 he was involved in setting up ignitionpress, which is based in the Oxford Brookes University Poetry Centre; he is now a member of their editorial board. He is a school writer in residence with First Story, and also works as a psychotherapist for a local refugee charity.

Alan Buckley, looking at the camera


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Use matches sparingly
—instruction on front of matchbox

Not meanness or thrift
but wisdom; respect
for each small torch
that’s kept in there. Lover,

the same is true for words.
I bring you no fireworks.
A room is never so dark
that it needs more

than one slim burst
of sulphur to show
the mirror hung on its wall,
the way to its door.

And lovers know too
how even a single
flame might raise
a scar that time can’t heal.

So come, stand next to me;
let’s flip this little box.
Strike softly away from body.
See how it urges us.

Alan Buckley

From The Long Haul (HappenStance, 2016)