Hamish Brown

Hamish Brown is a writer, climber and traveller. A great explorer of our country’s highways and byways, he is an acknowledged expert on all things Scottish. He is the author and editor of a great number of travel books, as well as a poet and short story writer. He has edited two anthologies of poetry, Poems of the Scottish Hills and Speak to the Hills. In 2015, Hamish Brown was awarded an OWPG Lifetime Achievement Award for his outstanding contribution to outdoor writing and photography.​

Hamish Brown

Hamish Brown (on left)


In Conversation: Hamish Brown and Jim Crumley »

Two well-known Scottish nature writers discuss poetry, travel and seeking high places

Sat 4 March | 15:30 - 16:30 | £7.00/£5.00 | The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street, Auditorium


Disturbing Hinds

One bark.
The piston heads shoot up
To periscope the hill.

The kneel up,
Try a few steps…

An old bitch gives a snort.

The righteous congregation
Of successionist pride runs –
Panic hidden in upturned noses,
Presbyterian goosestep.

They pause on a ridge
For a last look
That leaves no doubt
About what they think of us;

Carry their caudal contempt
Out of sight.


Hamish Brown