Maria Björklund

Maria Björklund has been working as an animation filmmaker, comics artist and illustrator since 1994. She is a founding member of the animation company Animaatiokopla. As an animation filmmaker Björklund is interested in both experimental, even abstract film and in more easily approachable character-driven animation. Her animations and comics have been exhibited in festivals and galleries around the world, and she also works with animated art custom-made for gallery use. Her pieces ‘Random Image Generator’ (2014) and ‘Kihi-Kuhi’ (2011) have been exhibited in museums and galleries in Helsinki, St. Petersburg and Tokyo, to name just a few cities. She is known for the project Planet Z, which started as a comic strip in the biggest newspaper in Finland but quickly evolved to include a full graphic novel (Madonreikiä, Like Publishing, 2014), a series of paintings, murals and other artwork. The latest chapter in the Planet Z adventure is an animated series with the animation studio Pyjama Films, currently in pre-production.


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