Tessa Berring

Tessa Berring is an Edinburgh-based artist and writer. Her poetry has recently appeared in Gutter Magazine, Magma, Rabbit Catastrophe Review, Zarf Poetry and Datableedzine. In 2016 she was selected for publication with new Edinburgh imprint Hybrid Press, and in 2017 her poetry sequence Cut Glass and No Flowers will be published by Chicago-based Dancing Girl Press. She regularly collaborates with Glasgow poet Kathrine Sowerby, and in 2016 they were invited to perform their poem/play Tables and Other Animals at Edinburgh's Hidden Door Festival.

Photo: Stuart Horner


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Lets get back to the donkeys
the used bus tickets,
little scarves,
things like that.

Or this, I found it:

Ted and Rose are in the---
Ted is---
Rose fetches a--- and a---
Rose is---
Ted is---

Little scarves!
I don't want to talk about little scarves.
I want rough kisses,
I want dust under my feet,
I want to be triangular!


Tessa Berring

From the sequence ‘Paper, Dust and Donkeys’ in House of Three (Hybrid Press, 2016)