Victoria Bennett

Victoria Bennett is a poet, creative activist and full-time home-educating mother. She has facilitated creative experiences for the past 25 years. Her work has a particular focus on the way we tell our personal narratives, and she has worked extensively in the field of writing for awareness, advocacy, and healing. She is the founder of Wild Women Press.


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They told me I was sick with poetry.
All that slanted truth
making my mind slippery.

See me — aged five, already hooked,
unaware that each line I broke,
each word I wrote only proved my condition.

They placed my brain beneath the microscope,
attached thin wires that scratched and sighed,
sketched out visual metaphors, monochrome lies.

They told me I was sick with poetry,
that one day I would slip between
the stanza divides.

I tried to behave, to keep
the words hidden inside a jar.
I drowned whole poems
in the winter lake.

They would not go away.

That Christmas, when I came home,
they gave me a book
by the wife of Ted Hughes.
They told me —

you are very like her.


Victoria Bennett

From Byron Makes His Bed (Wild Women Press, 2006)