Events - Festival 2018

Trading Routes

Wednesday 1 March, 18:00 - Sunday 5 March, 22:00
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street - Level 1 & 2 Foyers

Fife's traditional trading routes now lead to poetry

In the 1600s, Fife’s coastal towns enjoyed a brisk trade with ports throughout Europe. An installation at the Fife Coastal Centre in the Harbour Master’s House in Dysart shows the most popular trading routes in those past days. Today these same routes link Scotland’s poetry festival in Fife with European cities which also host annual poetry festivals. This installation recognises and celebrates that poetry travels these same routes by connecting with some of the cities.

Please note that digital installations at the festival play in rotation on a loop which lasts approximately one hour.

In association with Poetry on the Road Bremen, Poetry International Rotterdam, Stockholm International Poetry Festival, and Textival Göteborg


The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Level 1 & 2 Foyers

Location: At the top of Abbey Street off the east end of South Street. Also accessible from the Byre Close off South Street

Includes: Auditorium, Studio Theatre, Conference Room, foyers, Café Bar &...