Events - Festival 2018

Round Table: Elaine Feinstein

Sunday 5 March, 15:45 - 16:30
St Mary's Hall, St Mary’s Quad, South Street

A round table reading and discussion with Elaine Feinstein

Restricted to twelve tickets only, early booking is essential for our final round table event, an intimate reading and discussion in the company of a celebrated poet, novelist, playwright, biographer and translator. At StAnza Round Table events, the poet decides on the format and structure of the event.  Elaine Feinstein will take as her topic for this selected poems on the topic of poetry and transgression.

Participants: Elaine Feinstein


St Mary's Hall, St Mary’s Quad, South Street

Photo: Jiye Lee

Location: On the western side of St Mary’s Quad, entered via the archway on South Street

The Hall of St Mary’s College in located in the University’s oldest quadrangle next to the world famous Queen Mary’s...