Events - Festival 2020

A Potter, a Painter and a Poet

Thursday 3 March, 11:00 - Sunday 6 March, 17:00
Preservation Trust Museum, North Street - Upstairs gallery & garden

A collaboration between ceramicist Paul Tebble, artist Anne Gilchrist and the late Elizabeth Burns

An unusual and diverse collaboration between three established artists working in three distinct disciplines – Paul Tebble, Anne Gilchrist, and Elizabeth Burns, who died in August 2015. Inspired by pottery and the depth of our natural world, the exhibition itself has a diversity of expressions, seeking out the spirit of the objects and places of creative focus, be it up close in pottery, in ancient woodland, or beyond into the spiralling universe, always holding the human connection close.  

Premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2015, the exhibition was also showcased in the ancient woodland of Tombreck on Loch Tay, with artist tours and poetry readings. A film about the collaboration by the filmmaker Sitar Rose is being premiered at StAnza this year.

Elizabeth Burns studied English at the University of St Andrews and went on to become an exceptionally gifted and much published poet. Heralded as a new talent in 1994 in Dream State, the seminal anthology of emerging Scottish poets, she went on to achieve critical and popular acclaim before her premature death in 2015. Although in later years she lived in England, she regularly attended StAnza and was well known and loved in the Scottish poetry community. There will also be a Past & Present session on 4th March curated by Elizabeth’s sister Alison Burns at which some of Elizabeth’s friends will read their favourite of her poems.

Artists’ Statement by Paul Tebble and Anne Gilchrist:

“With the closeness of Elizabeth's death to the collaboration – coming as it did during the first edition of the exhibition in 2015 – we deeply cherish this part of her legacy. Elizabeth had such a long and mutually appreciative relationship with the StAnza festival that bringing A Potter, a Painter and a Poet to St Andrews this year has a special significance, giving people the chance to reflect and place this culminating collaboration of her life in the wider context of her creative legacy.”

This exhibition is presented in partnership with St Andrews Preservation Trust

by Paul Tebble, © Iga Gozdowska

by Anne Gilchrist

Elizabeth Burns
Photo: (c) (c) Jonathan Bean - Litfest

Participants: Anne Gilchrist and Paul Tebble
Paul Tebble: (c) Iga Gozdowska


Upstairs gallery & garden – Preservation Trust Museum, North Street

Photo: Jiye Lee

Location: On the north side of the eastern end of North Street, next to The Castle Tavern

This venue is an 18th century Scottish town house which was restored in Arts & Crafts style in the early part of...