Events - Festival 2021

Meet the Artist

Friday 6 March, 15:45 - 16:30
J & G Innes Ltd, Booksellers, South Street - Upstairs Gallery

Learn more about WrapperRhymes with Helena Nelson and Jenny Elliott

WrapperRhymes began the day Ted Hughes scribbled a poem onto a Tunnocks Caramel Wafer paper, and recently, thanks to social media, the concept has run riot. Drop by to hear more about WrapperRhymes from Helena Nelson and Jenny Elliott, who curated our exhibition on them, and maybe you’ll even hear one or two put to music.

Participants: Jenny Elliott and Helena Nelson
Helena Nelson: Lindsey Fineran


Upstairs Gallery – J & G Innes Ltd, Booksellers, South Street

Location: 107 South Street, on the corner with Church Street.

J & G Innes Limited are a family run independent Bookshop, Gift Shop and Stationers, established in 1927. They have a large gift department selling cards, gift wrap...