Events - Festival 2018

A Lover’s Complaint

Thursday 2 March, 10:00 - Sunday 5 March, 17:00
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens - Fife Contemporary Foyer

A series of visual haiku from Robin Gillanders

"Photography is a kind of primitive theatre, a kind of Tableau Vivant..."  Roland Barthes

The French philosopher and writer Roland Barthes (1915-1980) published A Lover's Discourse in 1977. It consists of eighty 'fragments', or short chapters, and is a personal and philosophical exploration of the anatomy of desire and love. The writer and musician Henry Gough-Cooper took these fragments and distilled each one into a haiku. As a response to these, the Scottish photographic artist Robin Gillanders then made a series of still life photographs (which may themselves be termed 'visual haiku') as a further representation of Barthes' text via Gough-Cooper's verse. We are delighted to be able to feature a selection of these in this exhibition for StAnza 2017.

Barthes is of particular importance to photographic artists, having written at length about the medium and about how the photograph transparently records what's present, while symbolising something intangible and unphotographable, which in turn requires our own personal interpretation.

A Lover’s Complaint is published as an artist's book in a numbered limited edition of 300. (80 pages, published by Dingle Press.)

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Fife Contemporary Art & Craft.


Fife Contemporary Foyer – The Town Hall, Queens Gardens

Location: At the top of Queens Gardens, on the corner with South Street

Includes: Council Chamber, Supper Room, Auditorium/Public Hall, Fife Contemporary foyer

Right in the centre of St Andrews, The Town Hall...