Events - Festival 2019

Inherent Structure

Friday 9 March, 11:00 - Sunday 11 March, 17:00
The Preservation Trust Museum, North Street - Garden

Listen to the secret language of plants

Every language code – be it words, images or sounds – operates and signifies meaning in its own way. Fascinated by the world, language and sounds of plants, and how these could be translated and transposed, artist Pamela Breda conducted research into plant bio-acoustics. She discovered that according to some scientific studies, plants are generally oversensitive to specific sonic vibrations and that they grow best if exposed to certain sounds. Furthermore, plants produce a constant sound within themselves, due to the rhythm by which they absorb liquids.

Developing this concept, this installation translates the plants’ rhythm into sound, using a machine designed to catch the inner vibrations produced by plants. Pamela Breda is coming to StAnza 2018 to record the vibrations of plants in the garden at the Preservation Trust Museum. Take a stroll in the museum garden to listen in.

Participants: Pamela Breda


Garden – The Preservation Trust Museum, North Street

Photo: Jiye Lee

Location: On the north side of the eastern end of North Street, next to The Castle Tavern

This venue is an 18th century Scottish town house which was restored in Arts & Crafts style in the early part of...