Events - Festival 2021

A Double-Voiced Bird in Performance

Saturday 10 March, 13:00 - 13:10
Town Hall, Queens Gardens - Supper Room

A performance emerging from our collaborative poetry workshop

This collaborative performance showcases the results of a workshop in multilingual collaboration, led by poets Hinemoana Baker and Ulrike Almut Sandig. The workshop explores the possibilities and permutations of performance when poetry in multiple languages is brought onto the stage.

Supported by the Goethe-Institut

Hinemoana Baker: Leonardo Carta
Ulrike Almut Sandig: Wolfgang Frank


Supper Room – Town Hall, Queens Gardens

Location: At the top of Queens Gardens, on the corner with South Street

Includes: Council Chamber, Supper Room, Auditorium/Public Hall, Fife Contemporary foyer

Right in the centre of St Andrews, The Town Hall...