Events - Festival 2021

Creative Writing Workshop

Saturday 7 March, 10:30 - 12:30
Public Library, Church Square - Meeting Room

A poetry workshop led by Carolyn Forché

Make time for your own writing and hone your poetry skills at our Saturday morning workshop, led by the multiple award-winning American poet, Carolyn Forché. Credited as having coined the phrase ‘poetry of witness’, Carolyn is known for work which stands out for its tenderness, stark images and emotional clarity.

Supported by Georgetown University

Participants: Carolyn Forché
Carolyn Forché: Don J. Usner


Meeting Room – Public Library, Church Square

Location: On Church Square off South Street, set back behind Holy Trinity Church

This venue is the local Fife Council Public Library, an older traditional town building which has had an internal restoration in a modern, airy style...