Events - Festival 2020

Cosmologist and Other Shorter Poems

Thursday 7 March, 10:00 - Sunday 10 March, 22:00
Byre Theatre, Abbey Street - Level 1 & 2 Foyers

Selected short poems by Douglas Dunn translated into Italian by Marco Fazzini

Marco Fazzini has translated a number of contemporary English-language poets into Italian. His association with Douglas Dunn goes back many years, during which time he has translated a range of his poems. For StAnza 2019, as part of our Mediterranean and Beyond language focus, Marco has curated a set of his translations of some of the writer’s shorter poems, including ‘Cosmologist’. These will feature as a digital installation with the poems and translations projected periodically throughout the festival. 

Participants: Marco Fazzini


Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Level 1 & 2 Foyers

Location: At the top of Abbey Street off the east end of South Street. Also accessible from the Byre Close, off South Street.

Includes: Auditorium, Studio Theatre, Conference Room, foyers, Café Bar &...