Events - Festival 2020

Containing Chaos; the sonnet and its enduring attractions

Friday 8 March, 10:30 - 12:30
Public Library, Church Square - Meeting Room

A workshop on writing sonnets led by Jacqueline Saphra

This year’s Friday workshop is led by a self-described ‘poet, editor, agitator, teacher, organiser and word-enthusiast, but not necessarily in that order’. Jacqueline Saphra's most recent publication, A Bargain with the Light, about Lee Miller, has at its heart a heroic crown of sonnets.

‘I will put Chaos into fourteen lines/and keep him there’ wrote Edna St Vincent Millay. The sonnet, or ‘little song’, invented around 1235 in Southern Italy is a timeless enticement to poets. From Petrarch right through to Terrance Hayes, this ‘little squared circle, a mandala that invites our meditation’, as Don Paterson put it, has proved to be a vessel to contain any and every type of material. In this workshop, using history and image as inspiration, we’ll adventure into the form and discover some of its limitless possibilities.

In partnership with Fife Cultural Trust Libraries, Arts, Museums & Archives

Participants: Jacqueline Saphra
Jacqueline Saphra : Naomi Woddis


Meeting Room – Public Library, Church Square

Location: On Church Square off South Street, set back behind Holy Trinity Church

This venue is the local Fife Council Public Library, an older traditional town building which has had an internal restoration in a modern, airy style...