Events - Festival 2019

Border Crossings

Thursday 8 March, 11:30 - 12:30
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens - Supper Room

Reading: Thomas Möhlmann, Will Harris

In our dedicated language focus – this year, Going Dutch – we look to interweave the most exciting elements of poetry from overseas with some of our favourite voices back home. Our first Border Crossings of 2018 does just that. Picked by Bloodaxe to be featured in Ten: Poets of a New Generation, Will Harris writes poems which explore and celebrate the contingency of culture. A debut collection of his many-layered poems appeared with HappenStance in 2017. Joining Will on stage is our first Dutch poet of the festival, Thomas Möhlmann, editor of the Dutch poetry magazine Awatar. His first collection of poems won the Lucy B. & C.W. van der Hoogt Prize in 2007 and his latest collection is Where we live (2013). Thomas is also one of the poets behind a project in which poetry responds to the popular TV show Game of Thrones.

Supported by the Dutch Foundation for Literature, with assistance from the Royal Netherlands Embassy

Participants: Will Harris and Thomas Möhlmann
Thomas Möhlmann: Sterre Parigger


Supper Room – The Town Hall, Queens Gardens

Location: At the top of Queens Gardens, on the corner with South Street

Includes: Council Chamber, Supper Room, Auditorium/Public Hall, Fife Contemporary foyer

Right in the centre of St Andrews, The Town Hall...