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Filmpoem Live

A unique synthesis, a cleaving together of words, sound and vision

This event took place on Fri 16 March
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Studio Theatre

The impact of Alastair Cook’s filmpoem work comes from a powerful interplay between the imagery of film and poetry. For StAnza he has brought together a collection of his films and will screen them alongside live readings from celebrated poets Colin Will, Janie McKie, Jo Bell, Kevin Cadwallender and Jennifer Lynn Williams with live music from composer Luca Nasciuti and including music by both Alastair himself and composer Mark Walters.

"The combination of film and poetry is an attractive one. For the poet, perhaps a hope that the filmmaker will bring something to the poem: a new audience, a visual attraction, the laying of way markers; for the filmmaker, a fixed parameter to respond to, the power of a text sparking the imagination with visual connections and metaphor.  A 'filmpoem' is a single entwined entity, a melting, a cleaving together of words, sound and vision. It is an attempt to take a poem and present it through a medium that will create a new artwork, separate from the original poem. The film is a separate work from the text itself and this in turn may be able to open up poetry to people who are not necessarily receptive to the written word. Poetry often tries to deal with the abstract world of thought and feeling, rather than the literal world of things. The 'filmpoem' is the perfect marriage of the two."

“Alastair Cook’s short films are beautiful.” (Joyce McMillan, The Scotsman)

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