Participants: Robert Alan Jamieson

Robert Alan JamiesonPhoto: Eleni Koukoula

Robert Alan Jamieson was born in Lerwick, Shetland on Up Helly Aa, in 1958 and grew up in the crofting community of Sandness. He is the author of three novels, two collections of poetry and two plays, and has edited a number of anthologies. His poetry in Shetlandic Scots has been translated into more than a dozen languages, and he has translated over twenty contemporary European poets into Shetlandic Scots. His most recent poetry publication is Nort Atlantik Drift (Luath 2007).



StAnza 2008 Events:

Sun 16 March | Masterclass: Translation
Led by Ken Cockburn with Helmut Haberkamm, Fitzgerald Kusz (Germany), Robert Alan Jamieson & Alexander Hutchison (Scotland)
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Council Chamber

Sun 16 March | Voices of Scotland: Shetlandic & English
Robert Alan Jamieson, Ken Cockburn
The Undercroft, St John's House, South Street

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